Different Types Of Mannington Adura Max Apex

We’ve come a long way from the old-fashioned the 8 foot high pile carpet. Nowadays, there are a variety of options for flooring that can provide numerous advantages and can be a great fit in any space. One of these is the Mannington Adura Max Apex Carpeting. What makes this carpet unique? Find out here! Mannington Adura Max Apex Carpet Mannington Adura Max Apex Carpet is an outdoor and indoor carpet that is made of tough, stain-resistant construction that is backed by anti-static features and a variety of color options to suit any style or decor preference.

mannington trellis iron

Mannington has your back when it comes to making your floor appear sleek and attractive! Stain Resistance: Now this is the most important thing to note: Mannington’s Adura Max Apex has stain resistance which is a definite bonus point that other flooring does not have. It is possible to get more stain resistance by purchasing ProScratch. ProScratch additional service for an extra $10/ft. It’s useful if you’ve got an extremely tough stain is trying to eliminate.

There is no sealing or waxing Required: Mannington’s Adura Max Apex doesn’t even require sealing or waxing; the beauty of this product is that it comes with a 10 years of residential warranty as well as the fact that it doesn’t have to wax or seal it! What flooring can stand up to the test of time without needing to be maintained with constant maintenance? Mannington’s Adura Max Apex is exactly the floor you’ve been searching for. It’s Beautiful: The design of Mannington’s AduraMax Apex matches both traditional and contemporary designs and has a timeless look which means it can be paired with whatever decor you have installed.

Transitional has a more traditional appearance with lighter shades and as with the rustic design it’s available in tile and plank size. The design also has a two-tone look, but it’s available in four shades of gray and white. Contemporary – This design is for an uncluttered look and lighter tones. It comes with a single tone finish available in both plank and tile sizes and two different shades: light gray. The mannington trellis can be found in both planks and tiles, but it may not be a suitable choice in areas with high foot traffic or high-traffic wear and tear from the embossed grain.

mannington adura max apex

Vinyl tiles are another standard option provided from Mannington Adura Max Apex. The tiles come in the same colors and styles like laminate floors but are more real. One of the biggest advantages of the vinyl tile is that they’re incredibly tough. They are resistant to scratches, however, unlike laminate flooring, they are not water-resistant. If you have pets or children that might come in contact with the flooring the tiles will hold up better than their counterparts. Vinyl planks are the final regular option offered by the Mannington Adura Max Apex and tend to be the most realistic looking of all options.

These planks are available in vast array of styles and colors, similar to the other options that we’ve covered, however, they are more durable that vinyl tiles. One major drawback is that they’re costly, and often , lower quality models are available on the internet for much less money. They are easy to scratch, but they will often damage the planks next to them in the event of pressure being applied. These planks are great for people who want an easy to clean and install flooring option that appears natural.

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